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RSPF meets the Route table quandary

> [...]
> Ping, however, gets to the real_subnet (that is, the AX.25 layer) via
> IPROUTE.  But the point of RSPF is to _create_ the IP routing table.
> So in order to ping somebody, that somebody has to have the
> subnet-in-question named as the path-of-choice in the NOS Route table.
> But once it's in the Route table, its previous entry in that table is
> lost.  Yet the route to be pinged may not be the route of choice.
> If there were a way to test routes without touching the Route table, it
> would be easier.  I rather like the way OSI treats IS-IS; it's not
> _above_ the network layer, but _within_ it, so it can directly talk to
> the real_subnet when needed.  OSPF and RIP go so far as to put a
> transport layer below the IGP; RPSF is an IGP that runs directly atop
> IP, but still needs to go through IP.
> [...]

One idle thought I had about a similar problem, was to treat routes
as stacks, instead of simply overwriting a route with a new one, just
push the new route - when it didn't work, pop it again. There need to be
some sanity checks, but it seemed like an interesting thought for the
radio environment....

andyw.  (W0/G1XRL)

andyw@aspen.cray.com    Andy Warner, Cray Research, Inc.        (612) 683-5835

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