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RSPF meets the Route table quandary

Fred, I must be missing something about RSPF.  Are you talking about
ES reachability or IS reachability?  If you have routed to the subnet
in question, and the next hop is directly attached to the subnet,
you either ARP for it, or you throw it away or you just send it.  If you
are pinging it, you don't need to go through IPROUTE per se, since it's
directly attached off your interface.  Seems to me you could use ARP for this,
by periodically ARP'ing for the host in question.  In any case, the target
is the guy directly attached to the IS, and not some ES past an IS (in which
case you should let the IS with the direct interface to the host do this).

If it's an IS you are talking about, this shouldn't be necessary, since
the adjacency hello timers should tell you if you've lost the path,
and then you flood a link down message...

What am I missing here?  Perhaps you are trying to pass host routes around?
Note that in IP, individual ES info is not passed around through the routing
info normally.  They are covered by the summary route for the subnet in
question.  In OSI, ES info is passed around the area, but in the radio
case, I don't think you want to waste the bandwidth or the RAM in the
area routers to support this.  And this doesn't really mix well in IP

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