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TTYLINK and COM: Ports

Ok as i did say before this is in the process of being add to WNOS
you simply connect to the BBS via telnet or ax25 then issue a command
ASY <com:x> this gives you *** connected to <com:x>
ctrl X gets you out
every thing you type from this point will got to the com:x port
and to tell the Thing connected to com:x that a user  has activated it the
DCD line goes HI..
I wanted it to connect my FIDO Box to WNOS
COM:x is attached as a serial port in the normal way
so if its not attached you cant connect to it!
you also cant connect to KISS ports this is only for raw asy data to rs232
port from the BBS... I think Mike DB3FL will have this included in the next
release of WNOS3x
Does this help ??? DC0HK /G8SAU  Barry...

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