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Grapes NOS Switch

I have experimented with the Grapes NOS switch code and I have the
following observations....

The base code is very old at this point. In particuliar the 'source'
command is missing. I find this to be very valuable. I do not like
to mix routing and command information. My routing files are long
enough already. 'Memory efficient' is also missing and this tells me
that much of the improvements in that area are also. When experimenting
with it I got 'invalid free warnings'- have not seen those here in
ages. based on that I am alittle afraid to swap it into a switch
that has been very realiable with PA0GRI code.

Are the current users experiencing any problems?

I like the idea of it, especially since I have switched most of my
ports from NRS to KISS interface and making NOS look more like a
netrom at connection is nice.


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