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Doug, I've got to agree with you that the source code for the switch is very
old.  But, then, I warned everyone that it was when I posted it!  And the
reason is that NOS was changing so much that I just couldn't keep up with
the changes and still produce the product we needed here in Georgia.  As I
said in my docs, keep up with the new versions would be like nailing jelly to
a tree.

The switch does the job we need to have it do here for now...serve as an
ax25 and ip switch.  I know that it doesn't have all the new bells and
whistles but I'll be working on that.  Then, too, even though I haven't
investigated the new code all that much, I suspect that the finished product
when I get done with it won't look a lot different than what I have now.  I
fully intend to strip out anything that doesn't support the basic function of
what we want it to do: serve as a switch...ain't no users on the mountain.

As far as the "invalid pointer" messages, I knew and warned about them too.
The only ones I get are when I shut the system down....and I haven't been able
to track down why they occur.  If you have gotten such messages at other times,
I'd like to hear about them...maybe that'll give me a clue as to why they

As far as the existing code goes, it is stable on our mountain top switches
and has been for several months.  That doesn't mean that we plan to stay where
we are.  I've gotten the latest and greatest and will be working on it.  The
reason we put it out was to get a reaction and comments.  Yours have been
helpful...I appreciate your taking the time to take a look at it.  If you
have any other comments, they would be most welcome.

Bruce Nebergall, K4TQL

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