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 Thank you for your reply. The invalids I was getting were at shutdown
and are probably harmless. Guess I just get nervous when I see them as
I NEVER see them anymore in the recent code. Not to say the current
code is perfect but it is much better than 1 year ago. Sometimes we
forget that in this group. Think back where NOS was 2 years ago. We
fought a lot of battles and it has come a long way!

My major concern is that some of the rather dangerous and obscure
bugs (one I remember in netrom) that have been found in the last
year may not be fixed in this version.

I will though try the code in the next few weeks and report any problems.

If and when you make a new version though I would vote to retain the
'source' command. Even at remote sites keeping the routing info seperate
from the commands would be nice, since this data would often be ftp'ed
to the site.

It is good to minimize the size but this is generally less of a
problem at a switch as local sessions - multiple ftp or smtp/pop
do not happen. I rarely see the core drop below 140K on my switch
after starting at 180K.

Will be looking forward to a new version one of these days.


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