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slip links using unix KA9Q net

i have ka9q net running on my 3b1 and a CT miniframe.

the CT miniframe has 10 serial ports, so i was going to make it the gateway
on my IP link to the internet.

(yes, i'm bragging a bit here, i have a 9600 link into the internet from
home  8^)

i'm a bit confused.

with slip links, as i've come to realize, there are 2 ip addresses
associated with each link.

one on each side. i read somewhere that "each physical link needs its own

as far as i can tell, unix-net (or pre-NOS net) only allows you to specify
one address for a host.

you can specify what address(es) is/are on the other side of the link, but
not two distinct addresses.

with NOS you can use ifconfig to set the local address, then use route to
specify the remote address.

is this ok?

is there some documention i should read?

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