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routing question

"Jeff Angus" <jangus%skyld.UUCP@nosc.mil>,
in Message-ID: <29778a0b.skyld@skyld.UUCP>, asks:

>I'm running a DRSI type 1 card, 1200 baud on 2 meters (interface = 144), and
>9600 baud on 70 cm (interface = 440). I set, "route add default 144" and have
>to hand select the 440 port for users on a case-by-case (ie request) basis. Is
>there a provision in NOS that allows it to know where to try and send some-
>thing or does this all have to be done by hand everytime for everyone? It
>would seem to me that NOS should be intellegent to know where a packet came
>from and how to reply to it. Is this another RTFM I've now embarrased myself
>by asking about? Thanks. (You may go back to fighting over platforms now)

No, you have hit a major question, not a trivial one.  RSPF would do this
if it worked.  I am in the process of trying to make it work.  When this
is done, your problems will be solved.  Right now, you might be able to get
RSPF to handle this if the interface cost was set the same on both ports.
RPSF does not correctly handle multiple ports at this time.
-- Mike

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