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A (possible) problem with GRINOS

I've never seen this one mentioned, so maybe it isn't NOS but actually
the PC I run it on.

I start a telnet session to some host/location.
I hit F10.
The host on session 1 sends data.
The data shows up in my current window.
I start a session to a local BBS.
The host on session 1 sends data.
It comes out on the window of the BBS connect.

Maybe I have this confused, cut I though each session was supposed to
receive its own data.

Has anyone else seen this behavior??  I am currently using 18b, but I
also saw this with all the 17 versions as well.


bill    KB3YV

     Bill Gunshannon          |        If this statement wasn't here,
     bill@platypus.uofs.edu   |  This space would be left intentionally blank
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