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Help with SCC driver code

I have been hacking with the scc.c generic 8530 driver and can't seem
to get it to work.  The problem seems to be in returning from the
interrupt after the first (external) interrupt.  This is the no INTACK
version of sccvec.  Is there soemthing obvious I am missing?
The NOS hangs if there is a board present or not.

The NOS is N1BEE version of GRI nos, the board is my own design,
essentially an Eagle clone, Borland C++ and 20 MHZ 386.

It looks like the stack is getting corrupted but I get different
results each time.  Using the td386 it still locks up the machine or
quits with various exceptions.

PS sometimes the machine hangs with 4 lines of yellow on blank warning
of an unexpected exception.  does this come from the bios, the
hardware debugger driver ot td386?

thanks, jv

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