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Data Engine support?

Sorry to have a question in the midst of the holy wars, but I do...

We're trying to get the local net up here using Kantronics Data Engines and
D4-10s, with some modicum of success.  What we were wondering is probably a
fairly straightforward question, but it's stumping those of us here doing the

Is there a mechanism to drive both ports on a Data Engine, or do we need to
bite the bullet and just use 1 serial port per port/radio?  For the record, we
are defining a 2-tier backbone, at 19.2 and 9.6 kbaud for general WAN and BBS
forwarding, respectively, while retaining user ports at 1200 baud, and adding
user ports at 9600 later.  We were hoping that we could drive both ports on
the Data Engine, and save a serial port for a slip link for management.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Gerry Creager
Internet:  gerry@mec.jsc.nasa.gov  []
AmprNet:   gerry@n5jxs.ampr.org    []
AuralNet:  (713)/486-3992
"You probably wanted to do that all your life!"  -- William Shatner (or, more
precisely, his image) in $tar Trek VI

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