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NOS POP server bugs (2)

I had mentioned these to Phil Karn at the end of last year, but
have noticed that there's been a new release (911229) of nos since,
with no correction of these.  I am using nos (lpd,pop) on a 286-based
PC as a ethernet-to-4-SLIP router/POP server/LPD/ftp site.  The four
SLIP lines go to sattelite PC's running NCSA telnet/kermit/POPmail.
POPmail barfs with the nos POP server in two ways:

   1. Message size count reflects <CR><LF> at the end of each file,
      but the actual text is only appended <LF>.  The discrepancy makes
      POPmail hang.

      Fix: In pop.h, add \r in definition for msg_line:
             msg_line[] = "%s\r\n" ;

   2. If you have no mail file (/spool/mail/XXXXX.txt), the POP server
      returns a "refused" code instead of a "no new messages" code.
      This can be solved by having a zero length file in the spool
      directory when you have no new mail.  However,
      even when you empty your mailbox through POP,
      it automatically deletes the file.

      Fix: In popserv.c, comment out the conditional that unlinks
           the file if it is zero-length (it is the only line that
           uses the "unlink" command).
      Then, When you set up a person's POP
           account, send them a test message, so that nos creates their
           mailfile, BEFORE they try and use POPmail.

Has anyone else mentioned these yet?
   Erik Olson
Erik Olson                              erik@marge.phys.washington.edu
UW Physics, Cosmic Ray Lab
Room 405


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