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Data Engine support?

This should answer your question about accessing both KISS ports on a
multidropped system, such as the KAM or Data Engine.  This may be specifc
to PA0GRI NOS, but I know you are running that anyway.  Here is the code
for the "attach kiss" command, taken from the source directly:

/* Attach a kiss interface to an existing asy interface in the system
 * argv[0]: hardware type, must be "kiss"
 * argv[1]: master interface, e.g., "ax4"
 * argv[2]: kiss port, e.g., "4"
 * argv[3]: interface label, e.g., "ax0"
 * argv[4]: maximum transmission unit, bytes

The idea is that you use the usual "attach asy" command to access KISS
port 0, and then you can issue up to 15 more "attach kiss" commands to
use the same asy port to access different KISS ports.  For example,

attach asy 0x3f8 4 ax0 4096 256 9600
attach kiss ax0 1 ax1 256
attach kiss ax0 2 ax2 256

This now lets you access three multidropped KISS ports on COM1.

All of the Kantronics stuff uses KISS ports 0 and 1, which makes sense.

-- Mike

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