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Kantronics DataEngine / 9600 modem

I am thinking about purchasing a Kantronics DataEngine / 9600 modem for NOS
work.  I would like to exchange email with anyone running this combination.

Also, I understand that the G3RUH and K9NG modems are compatible?

I also understand that there is a list circulating of ICOM rigs that will run
at 9600 without modification (I have a IC290H).

Thank you,

David wb7tpy

        uucp: {gatech, ames, rutgers}!ncar!asuvax!stjhmc!ddodell
      Bitnet: ATW1H @ ASUACAD                    FidoNet=> 1:114/15
    Internet: ddodell@stjhmc.fidonet.org       FAX: +1 (602) 451-1165
               Amateur Packet ax25: wb7tpy@wb7tpy.az.usa.na

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