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NOS POP server bugs (2)

> [...]
>    1. Message size count reflects <CR><LF> at the end of each file,
>       but the actual text is only appended <LF>.  The discrepancy makes
>       POPmail hang.
>       Fix: In pop.h, add \r in definition for msg_line:
>              msg_line[] = "%s\r\n" ;
>    2. If you have no mail file (/spool/mail/XXXXX.txt), the POP server
>       returns a "refused" code instead of a "no new messages" code.
>       This can be solved by having a zero length file in the spool
>       directory when you have no new mail.  However,
>       even when you empty your mailbox through POP,
>       it automatically deletes the file.
> [...]

I have not used the pop server in NOS, but I provide a POP
server on a Unix box. I discovered the similar problems,
except from the client's point of view. The character count
was off by one per line - I lost my mind following CRLF
sequences through the layers as they were mapped etc. I am,
however, pretty sure the popd server is sending the correct
sequence over the network. I took the (perhaps) risky approach
that the popd server was probably correct, since it has a wider
user base, and corrected the pop client. The fix involved
changing a byte count by 1 instead of 2.

The second problem showed up when the popd replied to a connect
with #0. The NOS client would still try and read something, and
the server would error and shutdown..

I can supply the diffs to the client if there's interest..

andyw.  (W0/G1XRL)

andyw@aspen.cray.com    Andy Warner, Cray Research, Inc.        (612) 683-5835

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