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BBS login

> The BBS login in PA0GRI - either telnet or local bbs command does
> not require a valid user or pass if the FTPUSERS file contains an
> entry for anonymous with any PW. Is this the way it was intended?
> Seems this changed since sometime earlier? I have a security problem
> with no USER/PW entry because my NOS BBS is hanging on a network.
> Leaving out the anonymous entry solved the problem. I can have any
> other entry with '*' PW - I.E. 'guest *' and it requires a username
> of guest - but with anonymous it does not care. Any random entry for
> user is valid.

This is completely described in the Manual accompaning the release of NOS.
( RTFM ) !!!!!!
Thus: you can tune NOS like you want it. If you don't like a feature
there is a way to disable it.....
Note that there is also a "automatic login" feature in NOS for ftp
sessions (using /net.rc). (also in the Manual)
You can even set a default user if no net.rc file is present via a
set user (dos environement) variable for ftp and rlogin sessions.
But read the Manual.....
Thanks, Gerard.

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