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WG7J version of NOS

Hi all,
i've added my mods to the NOS_1229 base code of Gerard, PA0GRI .
Sources and an exe are on ucsd.edu as wg7jnos2.exe and wg7jsrc2.exe

Some of the mods are:
-mailbox jumpstart on connect (NO CR needed to start it !)

-mailbox outgoing connect use USER call instead of system call !

-mailbox interface settable as regular bbs or as netrom lookalike

-Forced use of 16550 asy chips by an optional 'f' in the attach line

-keyboard locking

-ax25 ip autorouting (g4jec's code)

-socket kicking instead of the laborious 'tcp/ax25/netrom kick' commands

-all ax.25 bbs forwarding gets an R: line. The H-address, infofield,
qth, and zip are settable

-mbox sysop can be password protected with the number challenge ala netrom

-some minor bug-fixes

-some added defines in config.h eliminating some little needed commands,
and servers, as well as the whole mbox forwarding code
(this i did for use with a ax.25/internet gateway&dialup-slip system
we run here) This saves quite a bit of space...

The executable has a readme that i hope explains all (no too cryptically :-))
Please read this !

All questions, problems, etc..
are welcome.


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