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NOS_1229 packet driver help, please!

> Folks,
> I've just compiled GRINOS 1.8b, and all worked ok EXCEPT my attempt
> to increase the number of packet drivers supported from 3 to 5.  I changed the
> number in pktdrvr.h from 3 to 5, and all seemd to go well, but within seconds
> of attaching the 4th packet driver, NOS causes a DV exception error, trying
> to access memory outside of it's own area, actually somewhere in my Btrieve
> TSR.  It doesn't matter which driver is fourth, so I don't believe it's the
> dirver's fault.

> Any ideas?  What am I doing wrong?

Well, I have the dubious honor of answering my own question!  Not only do you
increase the max ints number in pktdrvr.h, but, as the comment says once you
understand it better, you must add drivers to the pkdrv.asm file, add the functi
prototypes to pktdrvr.h, and add pointers to the drivers to the Pkint (Pkdrv?, I
not sitting in front of THAT computer!) array of driver int pointers in pktdrvr.

To those in charge of the code, an extra line or two beside the max_pkt(or whate
it was) equate in pktdrvr.h would be helpful in the future to those as unfamilia
as I was with adding packet driver slots!  On my first reading, I took it to mea
n I
had to change the number there from 3 to whatever, to do the job, not that doing

that was just the beginning! ;-)

Anyway, it's solved, and I have all 4 drivers running happily!

Jim (wa4ong)

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