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Problems with BC++ 3.0

I'm having problems compiling PA0GRI 910618 under Borland C++ 3.0.  Some
of the problems were easily fixed, like this one:

   typedef long int32;

   (another file does this:)

   unsigned int32 wombat;

Turbo C 2.0 had no problem with this, but C++ 3.0 clearly states that you
can't use a modifier on a typdef'ed value.  There were only a few of them,
so they were easy to change.

The *BIG* problem is that once I get a NOS.EXE, it runs fine for most things,
but can't properly shell out to BM.EXE.  BM comes up, displays the initial
text and prompts the user, but things are dead from there.  I'm using a
rather old version of BM (881015) because it always works fine for me.

BTW, this same code compiles and works fine if I use Turbo C 2.0, but I'd
like to purge one of these compilers from my system.

Compile options:

   -w-par -a -1 -d -f- -A- -N- -G -O -Z -DMSDOS

Any ideas?

Bob, wa2zzx

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