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Problems with BC++ 3.0

> I'm having problems compiling PA0GRI 910618 under Borland C++ 3.0.  Some
> of the problems were easily fixed, like this one:
>    typedef long int32;
>    (another file does this:)
>    unsigned int32 wombat;
> Turbo C 2.0 had no problem with this, but C++ 3.0 clearly states that you
> can't use a modifier on a typdef'ed value.  There were only a few of them,
> so they were easy to change.
The C++ ARM (basically the Bible of C++), states that what you wanted to
do above is illegal.  The 2.0 compiler did not catch this problem, but 3.0
now properly gets it.  There should really be a typedef added:
   typedef unsigned long unsigned32;

Dean S. Anderson (KA0MCM)

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