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WG7J version of NOS

> I tried your previous release and came upon a problem, we use
> 'rspf mode vc' locally, (we're still a small network), and discovered
> that when a full routing update was occurring the mailbox promptly
> replied the incoming ax.25 connection .. Could you perhaps make thee
> 'mailbox jumpstart' configurable to allow such operation ??

Well, other than turning jumstart off, or running rspf in datagram mode,
there are no real solutions.
THe SABM frame that start the connect sequence lacks a protocol
id field. Thus there is absolutely no way of knowing what kind of
traffic (i mean higher proto or not) if going to be carried over the link.
My code does a 'good guess' by checking the remote call to be a known net/scam
system and checking if the interface mode of the incoming interface is in
vc. If either one of these is true, it doesn't start the mailbox, since
chances are it's either netrom or ip traffic...

Code would have to be able to tell that the remote station connecting
might possibly run rspf in vc mode, in order to prevent the problem.
This then would not jumpstart start if that same station wanted to
connect to your mailbox :-(


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