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NOS Reliability & Lint

In Message-ID: <9201211617.AA01186@ucsd.edu>,
bob@ke9yq.ampr.org (Bob Van Valzah, ke9yq) writes:

>With the recent spate of complaints about the reliability of NOS, I've got
>to ask if anybody's taken the time to run NOS through lint.  I'm not
>familiar with Borland's compiler; if it already does checks like return and
>return (e) in the same function, lint might not buy you much.  My (somewhat
>dated) experience with operating systems written in C tells me that such
>mechanical checks are the first thing to be done to improve reliability.

Yes, I tried it about a year ago.  Lint filled up my hard disk with its
error logs and bombed out.  I never tried it again.  -- Mike

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