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SMTP mailjam!?

!)  Several local users of gerards distribution .exe (1.8b) have
    had problems with severe "terminal mailjam".

I relay some of this feed to local amprnet users.. when i
returned from a brief trip to the great white north i had
56 queued messages that caused gri-NOS to lockup the first
time the SMTP timer kicked. I finally had to nuke the
entire queue to get the pipes unclogged!

Is there a tweak of the parms that would stop this from
happening... or is this a "feature"?

!!) There also seems to be at times a tremendous delay with
    loss of kbd control (and sometimes screen) when NOS is
    doing a domain lookup... this seems to last anywhere
    from a minute to infinity with no rhyme or reason. It
    really puts ripples in my WA when I have to
    three-finger-salute the machine to regain composure...
    (BTW -- this is mess-windows independent... (for a
    change!!!) but appears less likely to occur if i rip
    all LIMS/HIMEM garbage out of config.sys...)

Any other folk see this???????

| jack spitznagel
| Internet:   jks@giskard.uthscsa.edu
|             spitznagel@thorin.uthscsa.edu
| Bitnet:     spitznagel@uthscsa
| AmprNet:    kd4iz@sat.ampr.org
| CIS:        76044,476

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