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Subject:WNOS3A9 bug?
I have been using wnos3a9 for a while now, and have a couple of questions for
anybody that may be running it also. First I am running wnos in DesqVu, with
very little problems. I have turned off multitask, since DV does it for me.
The mbox feature(bbs) is a very good improvment for users. However, I have
found if somone issues a 'nodes' command while in the mbox, the system will
crash and drop out of the DV window. 'Mheard' and 'Nconnect' seem to be
working without this problem. If the command 'net nodes' is issued at the
command screen, it appears to work also.
If someone has access to the author of the Doc's, please pass on that in his
detail of the file structure of wnos, there is no mention of the directory
/spool/mail/  otherwise, the doc's are good.
Thanks, in advance-

=> Bob - N4CLH  @  KK4L.NY.USA.NA  or WF2A.NY.USA.NA
=> amprnet -  (n4clh.ampr.org)  via KK4L-1 in Binghamton, NY
=> internet - rwaustin@gdlvm2.vnet.ibm.com

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