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SMTP mailjam!?

I found an EXTREME improvement when I switched from an XT using
a 3:1 interleave 65ms to a 386sx-25 and a 1:1 28ms drive. Also I
am using norton cache with all of the optimizations and 512K alloted.

The delay in disk access for domain lookups and when going to or
from the mailer, even when there are over a hundred messages is
very short. It was rather amazing seeing the difference. With the
norton delay write feature it acceses the disk once and does it's
thing. No access delay access delay etc. I never wait for keyboard
entry. I can enter mail for 20 or more people (expanded by alias) and
after hitting 'q' in the mailer have the NOS prompt back in a flash.

Besides using the disk cache I would suggest a ramdisk if you have
RAM to spare. Assign tmp=<ram drive> in your enviroment. NOS uses
temporary files extensively and this helps. The biggest hog here is
the mailer. The ramdrive size should be about as big as the biggest
mail area. 250K is usually sufficient.


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