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SMTP mailjam!?

->The delay in disk access for domain lookups and when going to or
->from the mailer, even when there are over a hundred messages is
->very short. It was rather amazing seeing the difference. With the
->norton delay write feature it acceses the disk once and does it's
->thing. No access delay access delay etc. I never wait for keyboard
->entry. I can enter mail for 20 or more people (expanded by alias) and
->after hitting 'q' in the mailer have the NOS prompt back in a flash.

I use an XT for a switch connecting the local AMPRnet on the home ethernet,
and use a Unix box (Apollo Workstation) as the domain nameserver ... this
has substantially improved performance since the XT does a ns_lookup to
the Apollo which is much faster than going to disk.

This allows me to dedicate CHEAP hardware to the switching task.

BTW --- Linux looks like a definite maybe as  a hosting platform for future
[34]86 AMPRnet servers.


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