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WG7J .91 update!!

I think I have found my own problem in the WG7J code. I compiled it,
first making changes in the config.h file, but failed to see that Johan
had changed the number of interactive clients to 4 (from historical 10)
and the number of sockets to 10 (from 40). This is what caused my 'unable
to open socket' message in the BBS and also cause the system to crash
(QEMM exception) in sending mail.

Maybe this lesson has shown a potential problem. If these values are
set lower that needed SMTP has no mercy. Could this be causing some of
the crash problems even at the historical higher levels during heavy

I strongly recommend that these values be put back on the distribution
copy. That is unless a graceful way to handle them being to low is

On another note - good or bad the WG7J bbs uses the login call to the
bbs when connecting AX25 or netrom from the BBS. The problem is that
if I telnet to the BBS ('bbs' command in NOS') and login as say 'DOUG'
and then attempt a connect to another station, my call becomes DOUG-15.
I discovered this when a netrom node refused my connect. Some call smarts
are built-in to the netrom code. Also someone mentioned these alias calls
showing up in ax head lists. Is this really what we want to do? Does not
seem legal to me. The FCC is going to wonder who annon-15 is.


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