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WJ7G 0.91

Picked up the code and compiled it without any problems. I was excited
about getting it going but quickly ran into problems.

First when entering the BBS (with the BBS command) and using either
the C <node> or c <port> <call>  commands I get an 'unable to open
socket' message.

This may be something I am doing wrong but not serious enough for me to
stop using the code. Unfortunately the second problem was.

After using the mail command - mail <address> and quiting back to NOS
I get a QEMM exception error and a hung system. This happens wether I
use the built-in mail shell or shell to DOS, use BM, and then exit back
to NOS and do an SMTP kick. It happens everytime regardless of the
message contents or number of addressee's.

I have never seen an exception error running NOS - PA0GRI up to 1.8b
or for that matter anything else on this system. So something is going
into memory outerspace in the mail system.

I like some of the features in the code and would like to be able to
try it out.

Take note - the problem I discussed earlier regarding CTTY network
access security is addressed in this code - a console keyboard lock
with password security. Also some BBS configuration options that
probably should be part of all NOS code as well as more defines to allow
for more varieties of configurations.


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