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wg7j update

Did not get the update as yet but here are a few things that I found
in the prior version.

First it has not crashed since the earlier (unknown) problem. That has
been about 36 hours now, so it looks like it might hold.

I do not like the 'NET CALL' command. This means that the old 'n c call'
abreviation that I (an I am sure others) am use to will instead change
your netrom call. You would have to do a 'n co call' now. Why not make
the 'net call' - 'net mycall' instead. There is to much danger here of
accidentally entering 'n c call' and instead of attempting a connect to
call changing your netrom call.

The ^b last key recall no longer gives NOS last command recall. Instead
I get the 'smiley face' graphic. Are others seeing this?

How about a 'memory trace <fn> x' command. It would dump NOS vital
statistics to a file at interval x.  x could be 10's of seconds. The
vital statistics could be much of the 'mem stat' command, minus the
ascii text and other selected data, which could help to locate problems
and when and where they occurred. This data could be stored in the most
compact form. Another standalone program could be written to analyze this
data. Just a thought.


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