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SLIP problem resolved

This is relayed from another station, local to me.

The problem of the slip sockets responding slowly has been resolved.
As a reminder, one switch stays on 24/day to talk to the local ampr
net and the other is on/off line.  When the second station comes back
on line after a few hours (typically overnight), the response time
for the packets sent between the two is dramatically slowed (instead
of a 56 ms ping, it was 2-3000 ms).

As it turns out there are new param commands, including forcing the
handshaking bits, DTR and RTS.  While the problem was exhibited with
the handskaking turned off (on the attach line), it was found that by
setting both of these bits high (param if dtr/rts 1) solved the
problem.  At least it is looking this way now.  So the statements
were added to the autoexec file and all looks well.

If this isn't the case, I'll report it.

I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the new bits as they come out.

Aside to Bdale:  Yes the memory leakage problem is still a major
problem to me as the 24/day system only has 512k.  Since it is a
Heath H-248 (AT clone) and apparently has a not quite standard bus,
additional memory cards do not get memory refresh, therefore fail
after a few minutes.  So I am stuck with 512k and must use careful
control in compiling in/out features/drivers.  Sad, because there are
some things that I would like to test on the local ampr net, but
can't because nos barely runs on 512k.  It starts out with about 54k
free and typically runs in the 28-34k free after a few smtp's.  It'll
run for about a week and maybe get down to under 20k, which is
typically a dangerous place, it'll often crash below that, so I
restart it.  But it is much better than it used to be (thank you!).




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