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New bits, NOS 1.9c

Hello All,
After spending numerous hours before the tube and keyboard i uploaded
my latest collection of bits. (bugs executing in close formation )
I added a lot of WG7J code and/but made changes here and there.
First of all: the "security hole" for ftpusers anonymous entry is now
univperm. (old well known password out of SCOPE, the first REAL operating
system on the first REAL RISC processor (cdc6600)) (No debate please.)
I added a "netrom secure <on|off>" flag where , when set, only ax25 and
netrom incomming connections could use the gateway. telnetted in ones not.
I ran into the DGROUP > 64K limit for my type of release code and squezed
some areas and messages. I know i have loose ends in the code and not all
is checked out perfectly well but 300K of changes..... After dumping
the release to tape last night i discovered i left out the skick descrip-
tion in the new manual.
Please add to your autoexec.nos commnds the param asyinterface dtr and rts 1
commands. Also netrom alias (if applicable) The alias is out of the
netrom interface command. (and stayes out). The netrom connect is in front
of the netrom call command so the problem of netrom c node changing the
wrong item is not present. Netrom call is a shorthand for ifconfig netrom
linkaddress call. I traced down a few hangs coused by to short buffers
where ax25 calls etc. where writen into, overwriting pointers adjacent.
I got a LONG letter from Poland with lots of info, unfortunate they
use borland C++ 1.01 wich is the "worst" compiler ever created. It has
more bugs than NOS has.....
The BBS sysop code aparently only gets 1 command to execute and drops
back into bbs prompt...
There is a "password" and lock feature for the keyboard so that the children
can lock the system when dady goes out playing. (or around ???)
Anyway , goor luck with the code, and TELL me (and / or the group) about
Don't just say , I want this or that, do it and let US know and share!!
If you find bugs send the DIFFS !!!!!!!!!!!! file + area specified.
( not like : I hanged bit 3 in word 754 in segment 5471 )
Rergards, Gerard.
PS, the CODE is also on wb3ffv and gvdgpc XBBS systems, as wel on ucsd.edu.
Internet: gvdg@cdc.com                  |     Gerard J van der Grinten
UUCP:     gvdgpc!gvdg                   |     Control Data Bv.
Telephone: 0(+31)-70-3119703            |     Van Markenlaan 5
                                        |     2805 VL RIJSWIJK    Netherlands

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