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WNOS hangup/unload ( WNOS3A9 )

I have been running wnos3a9 for almost a month now.  It continues to
completely lock up the pc.  Most times it is due to netrom commands.  If
a node is in the netrom routes list and a user of the mbox issues a
'nodes' the system will immediately unload wnos(from Desqvu) or just
drops out to DOS when a standalone system is running.  The error I have
received is:

Instruction:  26 8b 17 89 46 08 89 56 06 8b 46 06 0b 46 08

I have no idea what this is indicating so-- to those who may?????  any
ideas?  The major reason I am using wnos, is data compression on FTP and
=> Bob - N4CLH  @  KK4L.NY.USA.NA  or WF2A.NY.USA.NA
=> amprnet -  (n4clh.ampr.org)  via KK4L-1 in Binghamton, NY
=> internet - rwaustin@gdlvm2.vnet.ibm.com

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