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tcp view

Keep in mind that I left out some code in the view command - The
check for TCP state to adjust the rx/tx bytes. This is in the
current 'tcp status' code. I left it out because the adjustment is
minimal +- 1 byte and because I did not want to repeat that code. The
right way would be to pull the adjustment out as a seperate function
and have both view and status call it.

The current NOS parameter displays are not very user friendly. They
require looking at a number of displays and combining info (in your
head) to determine exactly what is going on. Everyone says 'use the
socket command' -  while it is better than 'tcp stat' it still is a
guessing game when many sessions are simutaneously openned. What I
would really like to see is a display that linked the 'tcp socket' to
the associated openned file for FTP. I am not sure if that relationship
exists though, at least at the filename level. The DOS stat command shows
openned files and that is often what I do - use 'tcp stat' to see how
many bytes were transferred and then the NOS 'stat' command to relate
this to open files. Guess this view is a step in the right direction but
some more info might be nice. Once you go to more than one line though
it becomes awkward. You could use two or three lines and seperate the
sockets with a blank line or a dashed line. The important thing is to have
ALL open socket info available at one keystroke - not have to enter a
'tcp stat &UCB' or 'soc xxx' for EACH one to see what is going on!

Many this is a carry over of UNIX (programmers) - They like things to
be cryptic!


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