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OS/2 device driver for PI

waltcy@IDS.JVNC.NET, in Message <00955369.2BC092C0.10894@IDS.JVNC.NET>,

>As I mentioned some time ago, I think to the group at large, the most
>limiting factor in writting a DD for OS/2 is the device itself. It would
>be rather senseless to attempt a driver for a "non-existant" device. The
>initialization and strategy are so much the problem, its the interrupt
>routine. Again, OS/2 device drivers arent a trivial task, but then neither
>is it rocket science (although you can see it from there). The major hurtle
>is debugging in ring 0, in order to do that in a realitively easy manner
>you need a debugging kernel, in lieu of that one would need to be extremely
>lucky or patient. Running in R0 is like haiv...having the keys to the
>city and an eror...error there could be catastrofic(sic). Walt

Oh, it can't be that bad.  So you crash a few hundred times.  It will be
fun, like debugging in Z80 Xenix.  -- Mike

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