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NOS FTP Server Incompatible With NeXT Client?

I've had two people with NeXT boxes on the Internet report that their FTP
client can't talk to my NOS server (stock 910618 ka9q w/IP access mods).
One also reported failure from a Sun.  I know it works fine with my SunOS
4.0.3 clients.  I have my tcp mss set down to 216--could that cause the
problem?  Here's the symptoms they see:

>% ftp ke9yq.imsa.edu
>Connected to ke9yq.imsa.edu.
>220 ke9yq.ampr.org FTP version 910618 ready at Tue Jan 28 15:53:30
>Name (ke9yq.imsa.edu:ecktons): kd6bik
>331 Enter PASS command
>230 Logged in
>ftp> dir
>200 Port command okay
>150 Opening data connection for LIST /nos/public
>(lots of hang time)
>421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection

Has anybody else seen these problems?  Does anyone have a fix?  Is there
any helpful debuging info I can send other than a tcp status on the control
block after then connection has hung?

73, Bob, ke9yq  bob@ke9yq.ampr.org (yes, I have an MX record)

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