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1.9c problems

After the experiment with 1.9c night before last, I took 1.9d home
last night.  The tcp-group message on 1.9d didn't mention anything about
working on the ax25 area, but...  1.9d didn't seem to have any
of the same indications of 1.9c,( multiple receiver readys, etc)
 it seems to run just fine. I start smtp,ftp,echo,discard,telnet,

The only glitch I noticed was I had shelled out to dos,
(using 5.0 and 12mh xt clone), and a telnet session came in.
 The telnet session seemed to take over the screen display,
although I didn't seem to be receiving text, and when i issued
the "exit" command at the nos> prompt the system locked up,
requiring a power down reboot.
  I believe the moral to this story is to set attend off before
shelling to dos.... .
  I have a couple of wish list additions for mbox.
 AA4RE has a command to force a bbs to bbs mail connection even
when there is no mail to be sent (X bbscall force), this comes
in handy when trying to test the path/forwarding commands and reverse
 It would also be nice if there was a flag (bit) in ftpuser to
indicate a call was a bbs, so that only the [H$] (or what ever
it is) bbs response is sent when the bbs connects, instead of
the normal user response.
The overall feel of the bbs is nice.  I ran the local clubs
aa4re station for a year or so, so I am use to the way it ran,
it is a nice bbs only package.  Nos is definately different
in the bbs end but the additional capabilities of tcp makes
up for it. Nice work!

73,  Mark, KK6JX

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