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problem with WNOS2A

A couple of my local users have been experiencing memory loss with
WNOS2A. I have not exerienced this, but the symptoms are that the
system suffers a catastrophic loss of memory some indeterminate time
after startup; apparently when a daemon (suspected to be SMTP) kicks.

The problem can be avoided by pre-loading the heap at startup. This
is done by opening a number of ftp sessions and then closing them.
This appears to result in sufficient heap space to prevent the
problem occurring. After this exercise WNOS2A will run for as long as

As I say, I have not experienced this: my station will run for weeks
if I require it, and still have 140K of core for DOS shelling.

I have asked for a copy of the autoexec.nos, but in the meantime, can
anybody throw any light on this?
73 Gareth
Gareth Howell - garethh@cix.compulink.co.uk
G6KVK@GB7KHW.GBR.EUR g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org. []

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