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1.9c testing

I brought up 1.9c in place of 1.8b yesterday but had a few problems
with it.  I very much liked the bulliten forwarding control and the
keyboard lock and no smtp headers in bullitens.
  As long as a user was connected via a netrom node it worked just
like it did in 8b.  IF a user connected ax25 the user and bbs
would keep sending receiver ready's back in forth and never get
any where until the user hit an initial carriage return.
  The problem also showed itself when the mbox connected to my
aa4re bbs and was sending mail.  the messages went through ok but
they would send back and forth about 10 receiver readys's before
mbox would send the "done".
  I tried enableing the mbox jumpstart but to no avail.
Has anyone seen this type of behavior yet?  I have my autoexec.nos
file available here for mailing if anyone is interested in the setup.

73,  KK6JX,  Mark

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