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Sys5 SLIP Wanted

I'm interested in setting up a demand SLIP link to a 3B2 running Sys5 Unix.
In my ignorance I assumed that SLIP drivers come with all Unix systems.  Well
if it does, I haven't found it yet.  Next I decided to FTP around and see if
anyone else has done this before.  Mostly what I find is SLIP drivers for

What I envision is that the Unix box will do a dial-up call to my machine when
a routing comes in, and same for the NOS side (I assume that's what the dialup
stuff is).  That way I can scoot packets via radio and telco.

Does something like this exist?  Sounds like a nifty way to do IP for someone
who doesn't care if it's only 2400 baud.  Is this practical or would the
system time-out before the connection was made?

Steve, n5owk
War is hell, the pay is even worse.
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