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update wars, part 2

Hi all,
i just uploaded my modset to ece.orst.edu in ~pub/ham as 19cmods.zip
if you want, you could pick them up and see if you like them.
There is a file describing the mods for each file changed in the archive.
You should be able to simple replace older with these newer files, if you want

Mods from gri v1.9c are:

mailbox sysop password protection ala netrom
better telnet login protection for gateway connects
added privs for send,read, 3rd party mail
cls command
(this all from my v0.93)
added bit for bbs-es in ftpusers (new)
few minor bug fixes...

There is a 'sneak-preview' executable as 19cwg7j.exe
(it doesn't contain doug's tcp-view command because of dgroup size problems)

Comments, etc.


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