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multiple port attach on Kantronics DE

>I am trying to attach multiple ports on my dataengine with the following:
>attach asy 0x2f8 3 ax25 kan 2048 256 9600
>attach kiss kan 0 ax0 256
>attach kiss kan 1 ax1 256
>But this is not working.  Anybody can offer some suggestions?

Not surprising.  The "attach asy" attached KISS port 0.  Then you use
"attach kiss" to add KISS port 1.  You do not reattach KISS port 0
using the "attach kiss" command.  The correct syntax is:

attach asy 0x2f8 3 ax25 ax0 2048 256 9600
attach kiss ax0 1 ax1 256

This works here from the point of view of NOS, but I do not have a KAM
to use for testing.  I have given these instructions to two others for
use with the KAM, and this has worked for them.

-- Mike Bilow, <mikebw@ids.jvnc.net>  (Internet)

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