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PA0GRI 1.9d

Well it looks like the problem I experienced in WG7J code has not
propagated to PA0GRI. I have crash problems with 1.9d. It (seems) to
be related to BBS forwarding. The last crash happennned after an
out going forward was logged as started but not completed.

This is on what I consider to be a very stable system. Prior PA0 code
has been very stable. I am not doing anything differently. Same compiler,
same config, same system, autoexec etc.

So I am back to 1.8b PA0GRI. Think it might be good for both Gerard and
Johan to back off from the features for a moment and look this over with
a fine tooth comb.

Most NOS users probably do not use the BBS and far less use BBS forwarding,
so I would suspect that this would not show up in many cases.

NOT related to the above but another note - as mentioned before the defines
are not quite right. Leaving out the bbs forward code gives an error because
dombtimer and dombkick are not defined out in mailbox.c. Also a few of the
other defines (when undefined) cause massive errors.


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