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NOS files

I have placed the files netsort.zip and tcpview.zip in the ucsd
incoming directory.

In an effort to make more meaningful and user friendly displays in NOS
these files do the following -

NETSORT - This code adds sorted output to netrom nodes lists. The output
          is either in alias or call order.

          netrom route sort <alias|call>

          Makes for a much nicer display.

I used the c library 'qsort' function to do the actual sorting. While this
works well it may not be the most memory efficient.

TCPVIEW  - This code displays all sockets not in the listen state. It is
           a one line display showing a 4 digit &tcb, remote socket, remote
           port, local port, state, send bytes, send retries, rx bytes, rx

           This makes for a neat display of openned sockets and a quick
           view of ther status.

           tcp view

Also the order of commands in the netcmd.c code  should be changed to
make 'net route' appear BEFORE net retries and net reset. This will allow
the shorthand 'n r' display netrom routes. This is the more used command.

Use this code as you wish. Change it, fix it, make it better. An expert
'c' programmer I am not. It does work and has been in service here on my


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