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wg7j and pa0gri 1.9d

I also have found that the latest code has problems when it tries to do
forwarding.  If I remove my forward.bbs file the system stays up but if I
have the forward.bbs file present and right after the system forwards some
messages out it then locks up.  only way out is to reboot.  I recompiled
using Borland C++ 2.0 and the only change I made to the makefile was to
change the commented line from tcc to bcc and same for the flags line and
I also defined nrs in the config.h file.  I have tried using tcc also and got
the same results.
One other thing...  I get a lot of warnings while compiling that say....
undefined structure 'ip'
I did not get this when I was using the June 91 source files.  Does anyone
know if this is a problem or something that is ok?
I have gone back to the pa0gri v1.7j with ip access modifications source
that is also pa0gri version 911020 and it compiles with no warnings or errors
and it also runs without crashing.  I really like the features of the new
versions but can't keep them running for more that 10 min.
73 chuck  wb9uus@wb9uus.ampr.org    chuck@bradley.bradley.edu  Peoria, IL

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