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Merge complete : NOS 2.0a

 Hello All,
I am uploading tu ucsd.edu and uploaded to gvdgpc and wb3ffv XBBS system
my latest bits, the merge between WG7J, N1BEE and PA0GRI + comments from
others. Version is 2.0a . I changed quite a lot, Read the MANUAL (make diffs)
for all nitty-gritty.
Some notes: I added security to the security stuff. Lock can only been done
at the local console (no remote sysop supprise) and the mbox password can
also only been set by the local keyboard. I did find a couple of loose ends
and can say: all resolved bugs are removed.....
I moved fcstab (the crctable) to its own segment, freeing 512 bytes of
DGROUP area. Plenty of space now !!!! ???
Please send comments and complaints to johan and me (and to the group for
Regards, Gerard.
Internet: gvdg@cdc.com                  |     Gerard J van der Grinten
UUCP:     gvdgpc!gvdg                   |     Control Data Bv.
Telephone: 0(+31)-70-3119703            |     Van Markenlaan 5
                                        |     2805 VL RIJSWIJK    Netherlands

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