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I have posted a couple of notes about wnos3 and netrom failure. Does anyone
use wnos3a with netrom successfully? I would be very interested in knowing
how to implement. There are 6 or so users here who would like to run wnos3
but with the netrom problem, they are reluctant.

One good feature of wnos, is the converse mode. It allows us to be hooked
up all the time. Almost like having an intercom between us. The data
compression for ftp and smtp is much better. I get almost a 50% improvement
of 'TIME' required to pass data.

Thanks in Advance, and -
=> Bob - N4CLH  @  KK4L.NY.USA.NA  or WF2A.NY.USA.NA
=> amprnet -  (n4clh.ampr.org)  via KK4L-1 in Binghamton, NY
=> internet - rwaustin@gdlvm2.vnet.ibm.com

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