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View v1212 ftp site please?

Barry writes (I suppose Matti missed it):
>on HAMSTER.BUSINESS.UWO.CA but this system seems to be unreacheable
this is the site where VIEW is; its Internet number =
In fact, most of the time it is working. However, one weeked I tried
to connect (PING, FTP) to it and determined it is down.
Perhaps Barry tried at same weekend.
There is (or was Jan 7 when I tried) nothing like 'distribution pack'
for the VIEW: there were 39 files in /hamster/view directory, most with
date 6/30/91 or older, many with date 12/12/91: .exe: add-on 23k,
configr 32k, lan_view 54k, pconfig 29k, view=?view1212 51k;
.txt: add-on 2k, inside 7k, install 1k, intro 2k, lan_view 5k,
readme 1k, view 16k;; other date files: mailbook.exe 20k 01/06/92,
maildir.pas 1k .exe 6k 8/22/91, postman.exe 22k 1/02/92, update.txt 10k
11/28/91, view0928.exe 11/29/91; possibly now is something new because
I sent to Mark Bramwel my version of CHECK which works few times faster
and fast input routines + sample program using them to divide mail to
two files: one for msgs matching some criteria and second not matching,
e.g. mail from tcp-group-relay@ucsd and other mail, at 160kB/sec on
network disk (I wrote them because VIEW was too slow for me).
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