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Broadcast routing/repeating (was: ICMP Redirects)

>Does (or at least can) nos correctly issue ICMP redirect's to packets it
>receives that should be routed to a differnet router on a LAN?

As I understand it, ICMP uses udp which uses all normal
internet routing/gateway's. Works for us!

However, we have a different need in Ga. We have several folks with ether
subnets at home which use ka9q gateways to route over 56k packet. They
communicate via 56k high sites also running ka9q. (we call 'em switches)

We would like to have broadcasts generated by the unix machines propagated
through the network. I have not been able to make this work. They make it to
the nos gateways as ether broadcasts but do not get repeated.

I see three issues:

   getting the gateway nos box at each house to repeat ether broadcasts
   out the ax25 ports via the switches.

   getting the switches to repeat ax25 broadcasts they hear back out
   one or more ax25 subnet ports.

   getting the gateway nos box at each house to grab & repeat any ax25
   broadcasts it hears onto a local ethernet.

I have played some with hardwired routes, and proxy arps, but the
ether broadcasts do not get rerouted by ka9q.

The Comer tcp/ip book alludes to this issue when using subnets but
offers no solution.

I will be drawing a network diagram with routes up, and getting my
hardcore tcp/ip support people I work with to give me some ideas.

I guess I also need to do some serious nos code reading again.

(But any suggestions are welcome.  :-> )

Thanks in advance!!!

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