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Broadcast routing/repeating (was: ICMP Redirects)

> We would like to have broadcasts generated by the unix machines propagated
> through the network. I have not been able to make this work. They make it to
> the nos gateways as ether broadcasts but do not get repeated.
> I see three issues:
>    getting the gateway nos box at each house to repeat ether broadcasts
>    out the ax25 ports via the switches.
>    getting the switches to repeat ax25 broadcasts they hear back out
>    one or more ax25 subnet ports.
>    getting the gateway nos box at each house to grab & repeat any ax25
>    broadcasts it hears onto a local ethernet.

... I think you'll regret doing what your thinking of
You'll end up wasting gobs of BW with broadcasts. Also *nix hosts
designed to connect to ethernet are a little "generous" with their
broadcasts - because the BW of ethernet is so large.

You can accomplish most things by careful subnetting, but I'd like to hear
of any exceptions...


andyw@aspen.cray.com    Andy Warner, Cray Research, Inc.        (612) 683-5835

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