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GRI NOS netrom

I am having trouble using the "netrom con <node>" function of nos.  The
same symptems have been around for the last few versions.  I am presently
running gri 2.0a.
  If I issue the command "netrom connect gvtbbs" from the nos system
it goes out and sends the connect request to the local neighbor netrom
and sits there.......for a long while.  The connect never happens.
  But if I ax25 connect to the neighbor netrom and issue the same
connect there, I get a connection.  Where I see it most is nodes that
are 5 or more hops away.  Even two hop node connections seem slower
to respond than just doing a ax25 connect to the local netrom and then
connect from there.
  My guess is I probably have the netrom parameters setup wrong.  Can
someone point me to the correct parameters that need adjustment to
help this problem.

Thanks, Mark, KK6JX

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